Les Cavaliers

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Les Cavaliers should still pick something up if it’s flat everywhere else. If it’s nada here, you can try to move north to still find a rideable wave. Summer swells are sometimes bigger further up north the silver coast, allthough that’s not always the case. What happens at les Cavaliers with bigger waves depends on the swell. It can be heavy and hollow on a big period swell or just a fun A-frame ride on a westerly short perioded one. Easy peddling to the peak thanks to the channel beside the jetty, good to push your limits but watch out if you’re not ready for it. Crowd pressure is intense as this is the only stretch of beach for more than 100.000 people living in Anglet, Biarritz and Bayonne. The summer tourist flood add some more spice in the line up and is filling up the height restricted parking lots quickly in summer. © Laurent Masurel