Sainte-Barbe - Saint-Jean-de-Luz

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The Sainte-Barbe surf spot in  the beautiful bay of Saint-Jeaz-de-Luz is sometimes more of a watersports park with sup’s, longboards and wavekayaks but you definitely can find your fun there. It’s not the best wave around but good for a sunday afternoon cruising vibe. There is a sucky and difficult take off at the north jetty that dies out quickly or rarely connects to the mellow and long rights of Les Passes. At the middle a mini bowl pops up and gives a bit more power to a left and longer right. Close to shore beginners can take their very first wave at Les Flots Bleus. The bay is a perfect beginner spot where you can easily have your first perfect ride as long as you don’t go to close to the jetty. And as long as you’re in shape as the paddle is long and you might come across somme current. It needs some swell to start working so in summer it will be off a lot. The tide is important, at the jetty high tide is the best option, Les Passes works better on a lower tide, and the middle and the shorebreak need a bit higher tide as they change in rocks on a low tide. You need to check it a lot to get lucky, good luck! © Laurent Masurel