Hendaye Plage

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The big bay of Hendaye is well known as the ultimate shelter when everything else is too big, closing out or has the wrong wind blowing it out. The orientation of the bay gives it different possibilities. If there is a lot of west in the swell, the bay full of average beachbreaks hardly ever gets too big but if there’s more north in it, Hendaye can have almost the same size as the exposed breaks. So pay attention to that before you head over there. The north side has rather close outs on a higher tide and mellow lines at low that can run long if there is some size. Most of the time the better option is from the casino on to the south on a not too low tide. Close to the south jetty is the best option at high tide. It’s a perfect beginners spot or sometimes the only option so surfschools and surfers come from far and away if their homespot is off. © Christina Antje Friedrich